Home Entertainment Diipa Khosla poses with breast pumps at Cannes 2021 to raise awareness

Diipa Khosla poses with breast pumps at Cannes 2021 to raise awareness


Indian influencer Diipa Khosla is attending the Cannes Film Festival 2021. Her latest look at the event has caught everyone’s attention.

Khosla walked the red carpet wearing a black and yellow off-shoulder gown. The influencer looked stunning in the outfit however looking gorgeous was not the only motive of Khosla who added breast pumps to her outfit.

Diipa Buller-Khosla Celebrates Motherhood at Cannes by Adding Breast Pumps  on Her Strapless Gown

The new mother, who welcomed her daughter Dua in April, chose to pose in the look to raise awareness about public breastfeeding. “I chose to shed light on this topic due to the countless messages or comments from people who’ve questioned and judged my decisions as a mother – An issue I’m certain that most women endure on social media,” she wrote in an instagram post.

Khosla also addressed how mothers are usually subject to unwarranted scrutiny. “There is no rule book to motherhood, it takes experience and learning to understand the ins and outs of what is appropriate for YOU as a mother and not anybody else. Being a new mom holds enough self-judgement as there is constant worry if your actions are right.”

Talking about how mothers are victims of “unapologetic and burdensome” judgement, she wtote, “Being a mother does NOT mean that you are now the target to everybody and anybody’s scrutiny. How many times do we as mothers hear “you’re doing this wrong!” or “how can you do this to your child?!”? Whether it be opinions shared from family, friends, or strangers; the judgement is still unapologetic and burdensome on new or experienced mothers.”

Expressing her thoughts on the much-debated issue of supplementing breast milk with formula, she continued, “Whether I choose to breastfeed my daughter or not, should not be the subject of anybody’s conversation. There are countless concerns that go into breastfeeding; it simply doesn’t work for all mothers, something that no mother should be judged for online or off.”

 “I’ve decided on supplementing at this stage (a combination of both breastfeeding and using a formula). Moreover, while I’m away for a two-day business trip, I prepared for my absence by breast-pumping multiple times prior to my departure,” she added.

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