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Dunki Continues Box Office Journey: Shah Rukh Khan’s Film Gathers ₹7.25 Crore on Day 9, Eyes Weekend Boost


As Shah Rukh Khan’s latest cinematic venture, Dunki, steps into its second weekend, the box office figures reveal both challenges and promising potential. Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, the film has experienced a dip in collections on its second Friday, recording an estimated ₹7.25 crore, according to early reports on sacnilk.com. Despite this decline, industry experts anticipate a positive upturn over the weekend.

Dunki Continues Box Office Journey: Shah Rukh Khan's Film Gathers ₹7.25 Crore on Day 9, Eyes Weekend Boost

The cumulative box office earnings for Dunki now stand at approximately ₹167.47 crore, marking a substantial contribution to the film’s overall success. Day 9 saw an overall occupancy rate of 20.74 percent since its release, with cities such as Bengaluru and Chennai exhibiting noteworthy occupancies, particularly during evening and night screenings, as reported.

Dunki’s performance is closely monitored by both audiences and critics alike, and its trajectory into the second week hints at the film’s resilience and potential for sustained success. While the second Friday may have witnessed a decrease in box office numbers, the anticipation is high for a surge in ticket sales during the upcoming weekend.

Rajkumar Hirani’s directorial prowess and Shah Rukh Khan’s star power continue to be significant draws for Dunki, contributing to the film’s overall appeal. As the weekend unfolds, the film is poised to capture the attention of moviegoers, with expectations of improved box office figures, reaffirming its standing in the competitive landscape of Bollywood releases.

With the total collection nearing the ₹170 crore mark, Dunki is set to navigate its box office journey, with audiences eager to witness the unfolding narrative and the film’s potential to leave a lasting impact in the weeks to come.