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“Dunki Continues Global Triumph: Shah Rukh Khan’s Latest Film Surpasses Rs 300 Crore Worldwide”


In its eighth day at the box office, Shah Rukh Khan and Rajkumar Hirani’s collaborative venture, Dunki, has achieved a significant milestone by crossing the Rs 300 crore mark globally. While the film experienced a dip in numbers, earning Rs 9 crore in India on the eighth day, industry experts anticipate a resurgence in its performance over the weekend.

"Dunki Continues Global Triumph: Shah Rukh Khan's Latest Film Surpasses Rs 300 Crore Worldwide"

Dunki, released on December 21, had a commendable start with an opening collection of nearly Rs 30 crore. However, comparisons with Shah Rukh Khan’s previous blockbusters, Pathaan and Jawan, have been inevitable. Pathaan, for instance, raked in an impressive Rs 57 crore on its opening day, while Jawan set a remarkable benchmark with Rs 75 crore.

Despite a relatively smaller opening, director Rajkumar Hirani’s Dunki has steadily gained momentum, accumulating Rs 161 crore nett in India. Projections suggest that the film is poised to comfortably surpass the Rs 200 crore mark during its second weekend.

While the eighth day marked a slight downturn with the film hitting single-digit territory for the first time, the overall global success of Dunki remains undeniable. The film’s cumulative worldwide earnings have now exceeded Rs 300 crore, attesting to its enduring appeal among audiences.

As Dunki continues its box office journey, fans and industry watchers eagerly await its performance in the coming days, anticipating a bounce-back in numbers over the weekend. Shah Rukh Khan’s latest offering, though facing comparisons, has proven its mettle by carving its own path to success in the competitive world of Bollywood box office collections.