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“Ekta Kapoor Makes History as First Indian Woman Filmmaker to Win International Emmy Directorate Award”


In a groundbreaking achievement, producer Ekta Kapoor has been honored with the prestigious Directorate Award at the 51st International Film Awards, marking her as the first Indian woman filmmaker to receive this esteemed recognition. Kapoor’s significant contributions to the industry and her innovative work have earned her this historic accolade.

Sharing the moment on Instagram, Ekta Kapoor posted a video of the award, expressing her pride with the caption, “India I’m bringing home YOUR Emmy @iemmys.” The recognition not only signifies Kapoor’s personal triumph but also acknowledges her trailblazing efforts in delivering unconventional and impactful content that resonates with diverse audiences over the years.

In another historic win, comedian and actor Vir Das secured the International Emmy for Comedy, making him the first Indian comedian to achieve this honor. The award was bestowed upon him for his Netflix comedy special, “Vir Das: Landing.” This marked Vir Das’s second nomination for an International Emmy, solidifying his place as a notable figure in the global comedy scene.

The official International Emmy Awards announcement on Twitter revealed, “We have a tie! The International Emmy for Comedy goes to Vir Das: Landing produced by Weirdass Comedy/ Rotten Science/ Netflix.” Vir Das’s success further contributes to the recognition of Indian talent on the international stage.

These victories at the International Emmy Awards underscore the global impact of Indian content creators and artists, showcasing the industry’s ability to produce exceptional work that resonates with audiences worldwide.