The Kashmir Files is now a huge box office success. Every day, the film grows exponentially, and audience are fascinated by the performances of all of the actors.

Every actor in the film has given their utmost, from Anupam Kher to Pallavi Joshi to Darshan Kumaar. Darshan’s sincere performance has wowed the crowd.

In an interview with, the actor reveals how he got the part and how emotionally tough it was to play the character.

Kumaar says, “I got to meet Pallavi ma’am and Vivek sir for the first time together and for half an hour they both showed me a real victim’s video to understand the essence of what happened to Kashmiri Pandits.

I was embarrassed because I didn’t know where this region of Kashmir was.”

He continued “the video depicted their anguish, and it was at this point that I decided to take on the role. The video depicted their suffering, and it was at this point that I decided to take on the role.”

“To be honest, this character had an emotional impact on me, and I became depressed as a result. To get rid of that feeling, I did meditation for two weeks.

When people watch the movie in the theatres, they can’t keep back their feelings and cry, he continued.

Think for a second that I was that character for 40 days. It was excruciatingly uncomfortable.

It’s one of the most challenging roles I’ve ever played,” he added.

Anupam Kher, who is also a Kashmiri Pandit, stated in an interview that this time he hasn’t portrayed a character but has shown the agony of this community.

“I act, I play parts, but I haven’t played a character in a while. I didn’t do it. ‘The Kashmir Files’ is not about dialogue…

What happened to the Kashmiri Pandits 32 years ago… 90 crore people in this nation were silent, the police had vanished, the Army was in the barracks…

No one knew what had happened to us. There was no trial, and no one was punished. The film is about knocking through every Indian’s soul.”