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Fashion Model Aarti Vij to feature in a music video


Aarti Vij is a Delhi based Fashion Model and Entrepreneur. Known for her graceful walk and immaculate style Vij has a lot of dreams to fulfil and achieve bigger goals in her life.

Even though a successful in field of modelling she has been trying her luck in the music industry for some time. And now after trying her beginners luck with some regional music videos, now is the time for her to enter into mainstream music videos with some of the big names from the industry.

And it looks like Aarti’s dream is soon going to become true as the model has started getting opportunities to work with some top notch personalities of the music industry. And the model will soon treat her fans with a hit music video.

 “I have done many National and International Fashion shows and shoots in New Delhi, Mumbai, Doha, Dubai, etc. But getting featured in the music video with some big names was always on my checklist. Music is something that gives me happiness. We all can relate to one or the other music video. I feel really blessed that I am finally going to step into the big league. I just hope people will accept me and give me immense love. This is all I need,” Aarti said.