Home Entertainment “From my kitchen to yours” Amashaa masala by Chef Sugandha Malhotra.

“From my kitchen to yours” Amashaa masala by Chef Sugandha Malhotra.


Women have been cooking in our country inside their kitchen for so many years however they hardly recieve any respect for the work they do but it is high time we start recognising that cooking is a work of art which requires a lot of hardwork and creativity.

Home Chef Sugandha Malhotra is the epitome of a multitasking woman. She started experimenting with spices last year and she says that it has been an exhilarating journey for her.

Sugandha has been working in the catering business for last 5 years and is trying to get recognition for her spices brand since last year.

She had always a knack for cooking but her life experiences in cooking taught her that spices have major importance in making food tasty and she started working on them.
she is not having premixes of masala but easy to cook sweet dishes premixes also …As well as more than 100 Premixes Available…
During the tough phase of lockdown our honorable Prime Minister gave the motto of vocal for local which gave Sugandha a lot of support to go ahead with her Amashaa masala business and also expand her catering business.



Both her businesses have grown exponentially and she also received a lot of popularity and praise for her work.

Now she aims to take the name of Amashaa masala to new heights and get her brand recognised all over India. Hailing from Delhi, Sugandha has gone through various obstacles in her life to reach where she is today. She is inspiration for all the women. Having celebrity chef Ranbir Brar as her inspiration Sugandha believes that if you keep working hard you will achieve your all dreams.