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GG by Asha Gautam Presents Masakali SS’ 20

Designers Asha Gupta & Gautam Gupta from GG By Asha Gautam

The Masakali collection is an ode to the spirit of freedom. It derives inspiration from various things in our environment that symbolize free flow. It is young, carefree playful and unabashed. Bringing these characteristics in with the fabrics, colors, silhouettes, embroideries, patterns and motifs, our collection strives to speak to millennial. Pieces are light, comfortable, modern, functional and stylish.

The Color palette is fun, playful, mostly muted with a pop of bright, almost gravitating towards innocent pastels. A heavy use of frills and form fluid silhouettes can be seen. Motifs don’t follow any rule. You can see geometric chevrons and floral all brought in together to co-exist in perfect harmony. It represents the edgy quality of youth that doesn’t go by the rule book. Even the forms and outfits complement this ethos. You can see a modern peplum blouse styled with a traditional maxi skirt – defying the obvious, experimenting and having fun, ethnic yet contemporary. Our designs are made with superlative craftsmanship, and modern sensibilities, making our pieces a perfect fit for the sisters, bridesmaids and friends at the wedding. We proudly bring forth a versatile collection that can be styled in countless ways on a gamut of occasions.

“In our commitment to use hand-woven textiles we made a complete new collection in a different genre with georgette banarasi and organza yet again reiterating the beauty and versatility Indian textiles has “says Gautam Gupta.