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“Hanu-Man’s Remarkable Premiere Success in Nizam Sets the Stage for a Spectacular Release”


Teja Sajja, the rising young star, is generating significant buzz with his upcoming superhero film, “Hanu-Man,” poised to hit cinemas worldwide in just a few hours. Ahead of its official release, the film’s creators and distributors are orchestrating an unprecedented number of paid premieres, particularly in the Nizam region.

"Hanu-Man's Remarkable Premiere Success in Nizam Sets the Stage for a Spectacular Release"

In a groundbreaking achievement, “Hanu-Man” is scheduled to kick off with an impressive 250 paid premieres in Nizam this evening. What adds to the spectacle is that a staggering 200 of these premieres have already been sold out, with the remaining 50 shows experiencing a swift surge in bookings. The premieres have amassed an impressive gross of Rs 2 crore, reflecting the immense anticipation surrounding the film.

Observing the overwhelming enthusiasm and demand for the superhero flick, the film’s makers and distributors are contemplating additional paid premieres for “Hanu-Man” across the Nizam region. This strategic move aims to capitalize on the evident craze and ensure that audiences get ample opportunities to witness the much-anticipated cinematic spectacle.

Directed by the talented Prashanth Varma, “Hanu-Man” boasts a stellar cast, including Amritha Aiyer and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar in prominent roles. The film is produced by Niranjan Reddy under the banner of Prime Show Entertainment, adding to the excitement surrounding its release.

As the film gears up for its global release, the record-breaking number of paid premieres in Nizam not only underscores the immense popularity of “Hanu-Man” but also sets the stage for what promises to be a spectacular cinematic experience. The success of the premieres indicates a strong start for the superhero flick, fueling anticipation among audiences eager to witness Teja Sajja’s portrayal of the iconic character on the big screen.