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Heartwarming Moment at ICC Men’s World Cup Final: Shah Rukh Khan’s Gentle Gesture Towards Asha Bhosle


In a touching scene at the ICC Men’s World Cup final clash between India and Australia, celebrities Shah Rukh Khan and Asha Bhosle stole the spotlight. Industrialist Harsh Goenka shared a video on social media, capturing a heartwarming interaction between the two stars during the match.

Harsh Goenka, who posted the video on November 19, expressed his sentiments, calling it “The only heartwarming scene I have seen in the #INDvsAUSfinal.” The video showcases SRK engaging in a conversation with Bhosle, and as she reaches for a cup, Khan promptly steps forward to assist her. Taking the cup from her hands, SRK gracefully hands it over to a nearby helper before concluding the video with a query to Bhosle.

Since its posting, the video has gained significant traction, accumulating over six lakh views, 10,000 likes, and a myriad of comments. Netizens flooded the comments section with admiration for Shah Rukh Khan’s kindness, emphasizing the importance of humility and respect.

One comment highlighted, “Being humble and respectful is supposed to be the normal quality in every human being!” Another praised Khan, stating, “King Khan is a pure soul,” while others echoed sentiments like “A true gentleman” and “Such a lovely human being he is.”

The heartening moment between Shah Rukh Khan and Asha Bhosle adds a unique touch to the ICC Men’s World Cup final, resonating with fans who appreciate the actor’s genuine and considerate demeanor beyond the glitz of the cricketing event.