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“I don’t think either one of us is defined by each other” Priyanka Chopra on her equation with Nick Jonas


Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are one of the most adored celebrity couples. Recently Priyanka opened up about her relation with her husband; she said that neither she nor Nick is defined by each other.

The couple, who has been married since 2018, enjoys a lot of fan following worldwide. Both Priyanka and Nick are popular in their respective industries. While Priyanka is an acclaimed Bollywood star and now a popular name in Hollywood as well, Nick Jonas has been known for his music for years now.

Naturally their wedding made headlines for days. When asked if she secretly hoped that headlines around her wedding would have read ‘international global superstar Priyanka Chopra marries singer’? The actor broke into laughter and said, “No, because I’m not competing with my husband.”

“I take immense pride in the fact that Nick is as multi-hyphenated as probably I am and the fact that we both come to the table as creatives and we draw on each other to become better every day, I don’t think either one of us is defined by each other. The media tries to do that more than we do,” she said, speaking on Telegraph’s Imposters podcast.

Priyanka added that she does find it frustrating that sometimes her professional achievements are ‘blindsided’ by the gossip surrounding her personal life. “I think it is frustrating when all your achievements as blindsided by the gossip side of my life or salacious side of my life which obviously people are excited about what my personal life will be because we’re not very public by nature. It’s a point of frustration but I also know, in pop culture, in the entertainment business, when you’re a public person that’s kind of the curiosity is the part of the job. But I have to, in my own way, draw the line. It’s hard to juggle but you’ve got to be realistic about it,” she signed off.