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I’m trying to be innovative in the kind of work I’m going to do: Nakul Mehta


Actor Nakul Mehta has enjoyed a lot of success in his television career. Ranging from Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara to Ishqbaaz he has been a part of many successful shows. However the actor decided to take a sabbatical from TV shows post 2019 but the pandemic which hit in 2020 delayed his return to sets further.

Nonetheless, he continued to work from home, keeping Covid-19 crisis in mind. “I’ve not gone back to set since March 8, 2020. The last thing I worked on was a short film, and then the lockdown hit. I’ve not gone back to active work. My focus has been on working from home. I’m trying to be a little innovative in the kind of work I’m going to do,” he said.

Adding that he has consciously decided to cut down on interactions with a lot of people outside he says, “It should limit my exposure. The next project I worked on was an audio fiction series, which means I’m technically recording stuff from a big setup, with the producers sitting in my home. That restricts my exposure except to the sound engineer and director. That’s my good fortune, that something like that is possible today,”

Apart from being a wonderful actor Nakul is also really good at writing. Throughout the lockdown phase he has been writing poems. He was a part of the initiative, Poems for Humanity, through which, along with other people, he wrote poems on any topics requested, by those who donated to an NGO.

“I do realise there’s a pending project, season two of something. I might have to travel out of the country which will happen post July. Without the vaccine, I didn’t feel comfortable putting myself out there, just for the fact that I come back home to a family,” concludes the actor, who became a father to a baby boy, in February this year.