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India celeberates 73rd Independence Day.


Independence Day celebrates the historic day when India received its freedom from the British rule. For several centuries India was a part of the British Empire; it was only after a long and difficult struggle by many Indians that our country finally attain freedom 73 years ago. India gained Independence on 15th August 1947 and every year this day is celebrated with great pomp in our country. It is a national holiday; many Indians attend flag hoisting ceremonies and sing the national anthem as a display of patriotism for the country

What is Indian Independence Act 1947?

The British Prime Minister Clement Atlee on 20 February, 1947 declared that the British rule in India would end by 30 June, 1948 after which the powers would be transferred to responsible Indian hands. This announcement was followed by the agitation by the Muslim league and demanding for the partition of the country. Then, on 3 June, 1947, British Government declared that any Constitution framed by the Indian Constituent Assembly which was formed in 1946 cannot apply to those parts of the country which were unwilling to accept it. And so on the same day that is on 3 June, 1947, Lord Mountbatten, the viceroy of India put forth the partition plan which is known as Mountbatten Plan. The Congress and the Muslim league accepted the plan. Immediate effect was given to the plan enacting the Indian Independence Act 1947.

On 14-15 August, 1947, midnight, the British rule came to an end and power was transferred to the two new independent Dominions of India and the Pakistan. Lord Mountbatten became the first governor-general of the new Dominion of India. Jawahar Lal Nehru became the first prime minister of Independent India. The Constituent Assembly that was set up in 1946 became the Parliament of Indian Dominion.

What makes 73rd Independence Day of India special?

– Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi appealed to the people to provide some valuable suggestions through the Namo App for his Independence Day speech.

– On 28th July a foot ball tournament named “Naga 73rd Independence Day Football Tournament 2019″was inaugurated at Naga in North Sikkim.

– In Jammu and Kashmir, Panchayat Heads of Bharatiya Janata Party will hoist tricolour in their houses.

– All schools of North Delhi Municipal Corporation will display photos of the present President and the Prime Minister of India.

– Article 370 was scrapped from Jammu and Kashmir by the Government of India on 5th August, 2019.

– In Chandani Chowk, New Delhi, 300 meters of pedestrian friendly walk away will be open for shoppers.

– On 73rd Independence Day, Banaras Hindu University will go completely paperless.

– On 18 August, New York’s India Day Parade will be organised. In this, the American-Indian community will commemorate the sacrifice and valour of the Indian soldiers. This would be the 39th New York India Day parade with the theme “Support our Troops, Salute our Troops”. It is organised by the Federation of Indian Association (FIA).

– On 8 August at the President House, former president Pranab Mukherjee, social activist Nanaji Deshmukh and singer, lyricist Bhupen Hazarika (posthumously) were conferred with the Bharat Ratna.

– Chhattisgarh on 11 August, 2019 set a new world record by unfurling world’s longest Tri-Colour flag of about 4.5 km length which was supported by a chain of thousands of people in Raipur.

– For the first time, in J&K Indian flag will be hoisted on 73rd Independence Day of India. So, BJP has announced this event as “Jashn-e-Azad”.

– On 73rd Independence Day of India, the Lieutenant colonel and Indian Cricket Player Mahendra Singh Dhoni will unfurl Indian Nation Flag on Leh.

So, Independence Day in India is celebrated with various ways and with full patriotic feeling. We are proud to be an Indian.