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“It reminded me too much of Luck, So I stopped watching it” Shruti Haasan on Squid Games


Shruti Haasan recently attended the Filmfare Middle East Achievers Night where in an interview she was asked about the popular show Squid Game. The actress said that it reminded her too much of her debut film Luck.

“It reminded me too much of Luck, So I stopped watching it I was like I did a similar movie that didn’t work then why should I watch this? (laughs). I have also been the biggest fan of this film called Battle Royale from Japan. So, I wasn’t really as blown away by Squid Game as the world is,” Shruti was quoted saying.

The actress also talked about how content is being loved without the barrier of language. She said, “This is such a beautiful time in the world and I have done a bit of work in the West. So, they were like we’ll cast her and give her an Indian role. But, why do these things matter? A story is a story, the emotions are the same across the world. Now, we’re seeing these rule-makers who decide we need a white lead in this particular story to work it everywhere in the world, we need Tom Cruise, We need Mission Impossible and things like that. That is not at all Squid Games and it really worked. Even, Money Heist worked. There’s always been a keen interest in Indian films from the West”.

“What I see is even within India, there was one point during the 70s and 80s where everyone was mingling and mixing and then we kind of segregated. Now, what I see is that these boundaries are blurred, people want stories, people want to see something they connect to. It doesn’t matter from where it is from, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Korean or Russian,” she concluded.