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“Kamz Inkzone” mastering the art of tattooing

Kamz Inkzone

The art of Tattooing is not an easy one because tattoo stays with your throughout your life. It becomes a part of your body. Therefore it is very important to get your tattoo done from a good and reliable tattoo artist. And Kamz is one of the best tattoo artists in the country. Jalandhar based tatoo artist is the founder and owner of tattoo parlour, Kamz Inkzone. the artist enjoys a celebrity clientele, who come to him for intricately created bespoke designs.

Kamz tells that he was first inspired by the art while he was at school after he watched a friend draw a tattoo design on his wrist with a pen. Since then, Kamz decided to convert his passion of drawing into a profession. He convinced his parents to send him to Ludhiana, where he learned the craft from tattoo expert Nick Sharma.

After a few more years of studying and travelling across India and Nepal, Kamz has now become one of the finest tattoo artists in Punjab. He has attended many International Tattoo Conventions. And was the only invitee to participate from Punjab in the 2nd International Tattoo Convention held at Goa. By attending these events he learns about the detailing of portrait and 3D tattoos. Events give him the opportunity to interact with world-class tattoo artists and exchange new ideas and designs.

Incorporating different designs to create a new one is Kamz’s most favorite part of tattooing as it requires a solid imagination and vision. Even though Kamz has achieved a big name in this field not only in India but also Internationally but he is one of the most grounded persons you will ever meet. He believes that he is still in the learning phase and the works of great artists keep on inspiring him.

The celebrity status of Kamz brought him to participate in a captive reality television series of game show – Ace of Space season 1 from MTV. He said it was a great experience sharing some space with other people.