Home Entertainment “Kangana Ranaut Expresses Disapproval of Twinkle Khanna’s Comparison, Calling it ‘Privileged Brats'”

“Kangana Ranaut Expresses Disapproval of Twinkle Khanna’s Comparison, Calling it ‘Privileged Brats'”


In a recent social media critique, Kangana Ranaut didn’t mince words as she slammed Twinkle Khanna for her lighthearted comparison of men to plastic bags. The outspoken actress took to her Instagram Stories to express her disapproval, sharing a video where Twinkle humorously likened men to a handbag in a woman’s life.

"Kangana Ranaut Expresses Disapproval of Twinkle Khanna's Comparison, Calling it 'Privileged Brats'"

The video, intended as a playful joke, received a stern response from Kangana Ranaut, who questioned Twinkle Khanna’s perspective on feminism. In her Instagram Stories, Kangana labeled Twinkle, who is married to Akshay Kumar, as a ‘privileged brat,’ signaling a clear disagreement with the analogy made by the author and former actress.

The social media discourse ignited by Kangana Ranaut sheds light on the varying opinions within the entertainment industry on the subject of gender dynamics and humor. Kangana, known for her unfiltered opinions, did not shy away from challenging what she perceived as an insensitive remark, especially in the context of feminism.

The clash of views between Kangana Ranaut and Twinkle Khanna underscores the ongoing conversations surrounding gender equality and the importance of choosing words carefully, even in jest. The incident sparks a broader dialogue on the responsibility that public figures carry in shaping societal narratives, especially on matters as nuanced as gender relationships.

As the social media sphere continues to buzz with reactions to this exchange, it serves as a reminder that even light-hearted remarks can be subject to scrutiny and discussion. The diverse perspectives within the industry contribute to an ongoing dialogue about the role of language and privilege in shaping societal norms and perceptions.