Home Entertainment “Kashmera Shah Extends Olive Branch to Uncle Govinda for Arti Singh’s Wedding”

“Kashmera Shah Extends Olive Branch to Uncle Govinda for Arti Singh’s Wedding”


As the countdown to comedian-actor Krushna Abhishek’s sister, Arti Singh’s wedding with Dipak Chauhan, draws closer, actress Kashmera Shah opens up about the possibility of her estranged uncle, actor Govinda, attending the ceremony. The familial rift between Govinda and Krushna emerged after Kashmera allegedly made disparaging remarks about Govinda and his wife Sunita in a social media post.

"Kashmera Shah Extends Olive Branch to Uncle Govinda for Arti Singh's Wedding"

In an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times, Kashmera emphasizes the importance of separating personal grievances from the joyous occasion of Arti’s wedding. Despite the strained relationship between Govinda and Krushna’s family, Kashmera extends an olive branch, expressing Arti’s heartfelt desire for her “Chi Chi mama” to be present.

Acknowledging Govinda’s past grievances, Kashmera appeals to his sense of familial love and support for Arti, stressing that the wedding is not about Krushna but about Arti’s happiness. She emphasizes the family’s willingness to set aside differences and welcome Govinda with open arms, underscoring her own position as his daughter-in-law and her intention to greet him with respect and affection.

In the spirit of familial unity and celebration, Kashmera emphasizes that Arti should not be penalized for past disagreements, highlighting the enduring love and bond shared within the family despite occasional conflicts. As the wedding approaches, the hope remains that Govinda will put aside grievances and join in the celebration, reaffirming the importance of love and forgiveness in family relationships.