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Life is beautiful with your family by your side Neha feels that in this Quarantine

Neha Batra

Neha Batra says that her love for travelling was the reason that she decided to study tourism after graduation.

After working with companies like “Thomas Cook” and “Makemytrip” Neha realised that she won’t be able to fullfill her dream of traveling the world by working with travel companies. Therefore she switched to the modelling. Neha received many offers in this field and started working as a freelance model.

She worked for big designers doing print shoots for almost 2 and half years. She says that this job made her happy as she finally got to travel because of her shoots.

Neha also started her own fashion blog on Instagram 4 years ago and now enjoys good amount of following there.

Neha says that 3 years ago she met the love of her life and got married, the couple was blessed with a baby boy.

Neha says that she is grateful to have such a beautiful family. Neha is now the director of a modelling agency named “Posh”.

Talking about Corona pandemic Neha says that this quarantine has taught her to appreciate small things in life. On one hand where lockdown has put her profressional life at halt on the other hand she believes that her personal life has become better as now she spends most of her time with her husband and son.

Neha says that quarantine has also given her time to focus on her personal development therefore she is now spending time learning new hobbies and developing her other talents.

Neha said that on the brighter side
the world is changing, it is healing, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Pollution is being cleared off, the equilibrium is being restored, and at the end of this, the world will heal. There are so many lessons of humanity to take on from there: racism, health, love and how to embrace uncertainty and make something out of it!