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Love Bytes Review: Vanndana Vaadera’s memoir is a masterpiece worthy of being a best seller


The Author, Vanndana Vaadera has lovingly compiled memoirs of her journey since childhood in a sweet and salty, manner in her maiden book, Love Bytes. Each chapter has an inspiring message for the readers. It’s a book everyone and all age groups can relate to Vaadera.

While in the opening chapter she has been absolutely vulnerable. It has three stories of pain and her struggle, which sculpted the powerful woman she is today, and the role her parents played, another chapter unfolds the tribulations, modern women in the entertainment industry are subjected to. How they are judged as per the clothes they wear, and their outgoing personality.

Then again she has been bold enough to poke fun at herself, in the chapter called Arrested on Holi! The Jargons abundantly used in the book will have you rolling on the floor.

There are engrossing travelogues, splattered with amusing stories. Yes indeed she is a story teller of substance. Then there is a chapter which elucidates how she became a Serial dater in search of her Mr Right. You will be in splits reading the types of men coexisting with women in the society.

A brush with lesbianism describes her encounter with a Haryanvi LGBTQ woman, who was hell bent on molesting her! Her travelogues, unfold, romantic Berlin, describing places to visit, and how one can romance a city and Glastonbury’s mysticism, and pagan culture.

Two fiction Romance pieces will have you all yearning for the ideal life partner, each and woman’s dream soulmate. The way she unfolds her romance grips the heart and takes you through a myriad of emotions, as if you yourself are living her.

Truly A masterpiece worthy of being a best seller