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Mahesh Babu is known for his witty and amusing personality. Mahesh was at his witty best during his media appearances. He enjoys joking around and giving witty answers to media questions on the spot. Mahesh was his usual self even during the launch of the Major trailer. 

When asked about his Hindi debut, the superstar replied that he would rather do a Telugu film that is released in Hindi. This had gone viral and had gotten out of hand.
Mahesh interacted with the Telugu media ahead of the release of Sakaru Vaari Paata on May 12th as part of the film’s promotion.

His comments on his Hindi debut and how they went viral have been questioned by regional media. Mahesh has stated that he enjoys movies and respects people of all languages.

He expressed his satisfaction with the film he has been working on. Mahesh expressed his delight at seeing his dream come true as Telugu cinema progresses.

Meanwhile, Mahesh has stated that his next collaboration with SS Rajamouli will be a pan-India film. So, in his own unique style, Mahesh has put rumors to rest. That was Mahesh for you. Take Mahesh’s statements with a grain of salt!