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“Maidaan Box Office Report: Day 2 Sees a Dip as Ajay Devgn’s Sports Drama Nets ₹9.85 Crore Amidst Special Offer”


Ajay Devgn’s latest cinematic endeavor, “Maidaan,” delving into the glorious chapter of Indian football, encountered a notable decline in its box office performance on its second day. Despite an initial surge, the film experienced a drop of approximately 38.89% in its earnings.

"Maidaan Box Office Report: Day 2 Sees a Dip as Ajay Devgn's Sports Drama Nets ₹9.85 Crore Amidst Special Offer"

The second-day collections for “Maidaan” amounted to ₹9.85 crore, reflecting the impact of various factors influencing audience turnout. Notably, amidst a promotional “Buy 1 Get 1” offer, the film’s revenue was affected, contributing to the observed decrease in box office figures.

As audiences continue to engage with the narrative of “Maidaan” and its portrayal of India’s football legacy, fluctuations in box office numbers remain subject to multiple variables. The film’s ability to resonate with viewers and sustain momentum in the coming days will determine its overall success at the box office.

Despite the drop in collections on its second day, the essence of “Maidaan” as a compelling sports drama promises to keep audiences invested, offering a glimpse into an era of sporting excellence and national pride. With its captivating storytelling and stellar performances, the film aims to leave a lasting impression, transcending mere box office statistics to evoke a deeper sense of admiration and appreciation for India’s football heritage.