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Maidaan isn’t just a movie; it’s a resurrection


For too long, a legend has slumbered in the dusty archives of Indian sports history.
Maidaan isn’t just a movie; it’s a resurrection, a battle cry to awaken a sleeping giant.

Maidaan isn’t just a movie; it’s a resurrection

Enter Syed Abdul Rahim (played with unparalleled intensity by
Ajay Devgn). This isn’t just his story; it’s the story of a nation that once
dominated the Asian football scene,
a time before our current 121st FIFA ranking.

Maidaan is a cinematic spectacle, an epic shot at a scale unheard of, unseen in any Indian sports movie before. Witness Rahim’s relentless crusade against crippling politics, bitter rivalries, and the suffocating weight of a forgotten dream.

Imagine a time when India’s name on the football map instilled fear, not pity. Maidaan throws you into the heart of this forgotten era, where Rahim, with unwavering resolve, ignites a fire that will scorch the doubters.

This is a story of blood, sweat, and the unyielding will to reclaim a nation’s sporting glory. It’s a heart-pounding saga of a team, fueled by Rahim’s unwavering belief, clawing its way back to dominance. Get ready to witness the roar of a nation rise as one, united by the beautiful game.

Witness the rise of a legend. Witness the Ajay Devgn Era. Witness Maidaan thunder into theaters on
Wednesday, April 10th!