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Mallika Dua immerses ashes of mother Padmavati Dua, says ‘I promise to be happy’


Comedian-actress Mallika Dua who lost her mother, Padmavati Dua, also known to many as Chinna Dua to COVID-19 on June 11, immersed her ashes today (June 16).

Mallika said that she can picture her with her paati (grandmother), who is making her filter coffee and muruku. She wrote, “Bye my Chinna. My sweet girl. My first and greatest love. The weather was just perfect. You sent the best breeze, it was green, the sun was there but warm and lovely. It’s where I picture you are right now. With paati. She is making you filter coffee and muruku and you are chilling. In a really beautiful place and very very happy.”

She promised to her mother that she will be happy because she doesn’t want to dishonour her mother’s legacy. The actress concluded by writing, “That’s how I will live too. Just like you. With courage, grace, boundless kindness and above all, joy. I promise to love myself no less than you love me, I promise to help everyone I can and I promise to be happy because how dare I dishonour your legacy. My mama is god. And god is always always looking out for me. I promise I will live a good life with integrity and love. Promise my mama.”

Mallika shared a heartbreaking note as she posted about her mother’s untimely death, “I was born to god and she chose me to be her child. That’s how incredibly lucky I am. It aches way too much right now but my brave friends who hold similar grief tell me it gets better. Thank you ma for choosing to be my mother. You are my god. Thank you my ma.”

Her caption along with this note read, “Love of my life. My first and greatest love. Thank you for choosing me.”