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My Demon Ascends in Viewer Ratings, Chasing The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract’s Lead


In a captivating turn of events, Song Kang’s My Demon has witnessed a notable surge in viewer ratings during its second half, injecting a fresh wave of excitement into the romantic fantasy drama. Despite this surge, Lee See Young and Bae In Hyuk’s The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract maintains its dominant position at the pinnacle of the ratings chart, showcasing resilience even in the face of a slight dip in numbers.

The compelling narrative of My Demon has been steadily gaining traction in the weekly ratings, particularly after the intense kiss sequence that sparked a buzz on social media in the preceding week. The latest episode of the series, featuring the lead couple’s inaugural intimate encounter, promises to further captivate audiences, fueling the rising interest in the show.

While The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract retains its stronghold as the No. 1 drama, My Demon’s ascent in ratings underlines its growing popularity and the audience’s heightened anticipation for each episode. The drama’s ability to sustain and build on its momentum speaks volumes about its engaging storyline and the chemistry between the lead characters, played by Song Kang.

As the two dramas compete for viewer attention, the unique elements and story arcs in both series contribute to the vibrant landscape of the Korean drama scene. My Demon’s recent surge and The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract’s continued success set the stage for an intriguing battle for supremacy, keeping viewers hooked with each unfolding episode. The clash of these captivating narratives ensures that the drama enthusiasts are in for a treat, with both series offering compelling storylines and memorable moments that leave a lasting impact on the audience.