Mrs. India Navdeep Kaur who won the title of Mrs. India World in 2021, has now represented India on the world stage at Mrs. World 2022 pageant that was held in Las Vegas, USA. In the National Costume round at the pageant, Navdeep Kaur bagged the title of Best National Costume. Navdeep wore an all-gold gown designed, developed, and conceptualized by Eggie Jasmin for the National Costume round of Mrs. World 2022. The attire “Avant garde” shows the epitome of ‘Kundalini Chakra.’ Kundalini Chakra, “symbolizes the passage of energy in chakras of the body from the base to the spine up through the crown.” The “mystical serpent native to India” was represented with cobra embellishments on the shoulder, and the golden colour was chosen to indicate novelty, power, and grandeur.

The costume was made of brocade, tulle, and Korean sequin fabric, with pearls and crystals added as a finishing touch for a regal aesthetic. As stated in designer Eggie Jasmin’s Facebook page, the extravagant costume was sprinkled with over
50,000 diamond rhinestones. In the National Costume round of the beauty pageant, participants are advised to promote some cultural or spiritual aspect of their home country through their costume.
Navdeep doesn’t came from the world of fashion or pageantry, she came from a town near Odisha’s Steel City Rourkela and that’s when she made history when she won Mrs. India World. She was, however, driven to succeed in the worlds of
fashion and beauty.