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Neel Siwal Earned his place in India Book of Records


“The India Book of Records” is an organization that recognizes and documents achievements and records in India, providing individuals and organizations a platform to showcase their accomplishments. The recently showcased short film, “The Hunter,” has earned its place in the Indian Book of Records. Actor Neel Siwal, who played the lead role, was honored at the Faridabad office with a trophy and certificate during a convocation ceremony for his acting and the film’s hidden social messages. Neel mentioned that receiving this recognition has increased his responsibilities, and he aims to bring more films to the competitive entertainment market, presenting unique stories for the audience. He emphasized that the passion for victory turns a competitor into a champion, and success is achieved through consistent effort towards the goal. Neel Siwal stated on this occasion, “The Hunter” is not just the result of my individual hard work; whether it’s the director Susanta Das, cinematographer Mangal Saini, or editor Krishna Kumar Sharma, “The Hunter” Output is a Result of teamwork.” Available on “Signature Vision Production” Youtube channel.