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Neelam Rudy Pratap In Association with Christine Storm hosts DGS Golf Invitational Tournament 2019

Celebrity Singer & International Designer Christine Storm playing golf during at DGS Golf Invitational Tournament 2019, at delhi Golf club in New Delhi on Friday 18-10-2019

The occasion was to celebrate the perfect sunny afternoon with a Golf tournament, wherein over 50 CEO’S, Entrepreneurs and women company directors participated in a friendly Golf tournament DGS Golf Invitational Tournament 2019. The event took place at Delhi Golf Course.

Held at the DGS Annexe, the tournament also witnessed some great shots from the hosts Celebrity Singer & Actor Christine Storm and Social Activist Neelam Rudy Pratap.Both the ladies praised each other and fostered new friendships during the 18 hole game that lasted for about four hours

Neelam Pratap Rudy said “Golf for me is like meditation, which helps us control ourselves and is one of the quietest sports”

Christine Storm said, I still remember when I played last time when I was in India. Thank to this tournament that we met again and enjoyed the esteemed company of golfers”