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Pet Fed 2023: India’s Premier Pet Extravaganza Returns for its 8th Edition, Promising Unforgettable Moments for Furry Friends and Their Humans!


Pet Fed, India’s highly anticipated pet extravaganza, is gearing up for its 8th edition, promising an extraordinary experience for pet enthusiasts and their furry companions. Renowned for holding the Limca World Record for the “Biggest Dog Carnival,” Pet Fed is set to make a grand return, with this year’s celebration poised to be the biggest and best yet.

This pet-centric spectacle will unfold across six major cities, creating a vibrant platform for pets and their human counterparts to unite in a memorable celebration of their special bond. The tour includes:

  1. Bengaluru on 25th & 26th November at Jayamahal Palace Grounds
  2. Delhi on 16th & 17th December at NSIC Grounds, Okhla
  3. Mumbai on 13th & 14th January at Nesco Grounds, Goregaon
  4. Pune Express on 10th & 11th February at Westend Mall, Aundh
  5. Chandigarh on 24th & 25th February at Elante Mall
  6. Hyderabad on 16th & 17th March at DSL Virtue Mall

Pet Fed promises an enchanting experience, taking attendees and their pets on an unforgettable journey filled with exciting activities, engaging stalls, and enlightening workshops. Boasting over 100 stalls featuring the latest in pet products and services, alongside a plethora of activities and workshops, both pets and their owners are in for a delightful treat.

Set in a sprawling 3-acre space, the festival provides ample room for pets to frolic, play, and interact freely. Embracing inclusivity, Pet Fed welcomes not only proud pet parents but also those yet to welcome a furry friend into their lives. It’s a world teeming with thousands of pets, offering an opportunity to revel in the joy, love, and boundless compassion that animals bring to our lives.

The visionary force behind this pet phenomenon is Akshay Gupta, whose passion for pets has steered the growth and success of Pet Fed. He envisions Pet Fed as a haven for pet lovers and their cherished companions, offering meticulously planned, unique experiences that resonate long after the event concludes. Akshay Gupta expresses his excitement about the upcoming event, stating, “In our journey of growth over the years, we’ve not only expanded in scale but also in the quality of experiences we offer at Pet Fed. Every pet owner, pet enthusiast, and cherished furry companion who joins us at this festival holds a special place in our hearts. Our mission is to ensure they leave with unforgettable memories. With this upcoming edition of Pet Fed, we are poised to raise the bar even higher. We are excited to provide the ever-growing community of pet lovers and their beloved pets with the perfect haven to come together and partake in a series of meticulously planned, unique experiences.”

Prepare to be amazed by a diverse array of activities at Pet Fed, including a Police Dog Show, Training Masterclasses, Hygiene Masterclasses, Pet Keeping Masterclasses, Pet’s Got Talent, a Fashion Show, International Cat Show, Agility Area, Kids Carnival Area, Free Microchipping for Cats, and Free Entry for Indie Pets. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this pet-loving extravaganza that promises joy, entertainment, and unforgettable moments for all attendees.