Home Entertainment “Probe Unveils Portugal Connection in Salman Khan House Firing: 10 Key Points”

“Probe Unveils Portugal Connection in Salman Khan House Firing: 10 Key Points”


The investigation into the firing incident outside Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s residence has taken a significant turn with Mumbai police uncovering startling details, including a Portugal link. Here are the crucial highlights from the ongoing probe:

"Probe Unveils Portugal Connection in Salman Khan House Firing: 10 Key Points"
  1. Arrests Made: Mumbai police have apprehended Vicky Gupta (24) and Sagar Pal (21) in connection with the shooting incident.
  2. Recce Conducted: Prior to the attack, the accused conducted a reconnaissance of Salman Khan’s farmhouse in Panvel, four days earlier.
  3. Farmhouse Visits: Khan frequents Arpita Farms, situated 60 kilometers from Mumbai, where the assailants had rented a residence just 10 kilometers away.
  4. Confessions Made: The arrested individuals, hailing from Bihar, confessed to their involvement in the crime after being detained from Gujarat’s Bhuj district.
  5. Weapon Procurement: It has been revealed that a pistol was delivered to the suspects’ rented accommodation 25 days prior to the shooting.
  6. Training Allegations: Sagar Pal, the alleged shooter, reportedly underwent firearm training in his village in Bihar’s West Champaran, while another individual was purportedly the motorcycle rider.
  7. Digital Traces: The police discovered a Facebook account attributed to gangster Lawrence Bishnoi’s brother, Anmol Bishnoi, claiming responsibility for the incident. However, investigations revealed that the account was created merely three hours before the shooting, with its IP address traced to Portugal, indicating possible VPN usage.
  8. VPN Connection: The use of a VPN, a tool enabling remote access to private networks for enhanced privacy and security, is suspected in uploading the incriminating message.
  9. Unnamed Accomplice: While Anmol Bishnoi has not been directly implicated in the case, the police continue to explore the involvement of other individuals, including Sonu Gupta from Chandigarh.
  10. Government Response: Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, in a recent meeting with Salman Khan, assured swift action against the Bishnoi gang, emphasizing the state’s commitment to eradicating underworld activities and ensuring public safety.

As the investigation progresses, these revelations shed light on the complexities surrounding the incident and underscore the collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies to bring the perpetrators to justice.