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Ranbir Kapoor’s Chivalrous Act at National Film Awards Wins Hearts, Fans Praise His Thoughtful Gesture


Ranbir Kapoor accompanied Alia Bhatt as she accepted her first National Film Award for Best Actor in Delhi on Tuesday. The couple sat in the second row, with esteemed actor Waheeda Rehman positioned in the front row. During the event, there was a moment when the paparazzi crowded around Waheeda, pushing the table in front of her. Sensing the situation, Ranbir promptly rose from his seat to intervene and caution the photographers to be more careful.

Ranbir’s Chivalrous Act for Waheeda Rehman A video from the National Film Awards ceremony has emerged online, earning accolades from fans in the comment section for Ranbir’s thoughtful gesture. In the video, a photographer can be heard exclaiming, “Why are you pushing, the table is moving!”

One fan complimented Ranbir’s upbringing, while another appreciated his consideration for the elderly lady. Drawing comparisons to his late father, Rishi Kapoor, a fan noted that Ranbir seemed to be following in his father’s footsteps. Another fan simply commented, “Ranbir is charming.” Several others praised his gentlemanly conduct at the event.

Fans Question His Sunglasses Inside Vigyan Bhawan On a lighter note, many viewers also wondered why Ranbir chose to wear sunglasses indoors during the ceremony at Vigyan Bhawan. One person humorously exclaimed, “Black glares even inside a room!”