Home Entertainment Richa Chadha believe ‘two-rupee’ trolls make her ‘very famous’

Richa Chadha believe ‘two-rupee’ trolls make her ‘very famous’


Celebrities are prone to getting trolled on social media. Bollywood actor Richa Chadha who is not a stranger to these trolls opened up about how she manages to stay positive among all the negativity on internet.

Richa says that she does not care for trolls as they either indulge in ‘whataboutery’ or are ‘for hire. Richa Chadha who often shares her views on political as well as social issues is often the target of trolls for being vocal on social media.

According to Richa “There are two sets of trolls. One who troll you for your opinions and others who are trolls for hire, who are these two rupees trolls. The latter I don’t pay any attention to because there is a lot of unemployment and they earn by trending hashtags with the same spelling mistakes. The former wants you to be vocal about everything, even if you don’t know about it, who indulge in a lot of whataboutery and want to reprimand you.”

The Fukrey actor added, “In the end, a troll is a troll be it from the right-wing ecosystem or the left wing and I really don’t care about them. In fact, trolls make me very famous. I think trolls don’t understand how much they help us unknowingly.”

Richa had earlier opened up about voicing her opinion and becoming a target of trolls, “I think everybody wants to speak their mind and they used to. They used to be able to speak their mind and be honest and comment on fuel price rise or something or the other. And I think it comes from wanting to be a decent human being. You don’t have to be an activist or somebody who’s very outspoken. But if something wrong is being done to another person, you’re just staying silent because you’re afraid of something, then that’s not a good idea,” the actress said.