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Saif Ali Khan gets candid about mean comments people made as they felt he looked like a girl and had a squeaking voice.


Saif Ali Khan might be a well established name in bollywood industry now but, he too has had to battle several perceptions that were created about him. While he reveals that he had to live up to his mother and father’s name in the business, Saif admits that he was clueless in life at one point.

“I was clueless after school and I didn’t know what to do when I joined films. I just knew I didn’t want to do a desk job. I thought I’ll die if I have to do a 9-5 thing. The idea of films was very different because of the variety of the job,” said Saif. He also admitted that there was a huge barrier that stopped him from being a cricketer. “Cricket was in my blood, it’s treated like religion. Not just my dad, my grandad also captained India and played against Don Bradman. I played good cricket and I never played in school or college. What let me down is that cricket is a very mental game, it’s about patience and timing. That I was strongly lacking in and that’s why my cricket career was doomed.”

Apart from that, he also revealed how terrible he was during his first few auditions, how people commented on his voice and his looks and even called him a ‘girl’. “People have been nasty. They have been mean. People talk about your looks. I guess I didn’t look like a hero. Akshay Kumar did. They felt I looked like a girl. I certainly had a bad voice which I hadn’t worked on. So sometimes, I was squeaking away in an English accent.”