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“Salaar Box Office Day 5 Early Trends: Prabhas’ Magnum Opus Faces Steeper Drop, Entering Challenging Territory”


As the long holiday weekend comes to an end, Prabhas’ much-anticipated film “Salaar” is encountering a significant drop at the box office, signaling a potential challenge for the movie. Despite the initial buzz and a robust start, the day five box office figures are indicating a steeper decline than anticipated.

 Salaar Box Office Day 5 Early Trends: Prabhas' Magnum Opus Faces Steeper Drop, Entering Challenging Territory

After a commendable four-day run with a total collection of approximately 256 crores (nett, all India), “Salaar” witnessed a boost on its fourth day, collecting 45 crores (nett, all India) thanks to the festive Christmas spirit. However, as the holiday fervor subsides, day five is revealing a riskier trend for the Prashanth Neel-directed film.

The early trends suggest a notable over 50% drop in box office collections, putting “Salaar” into a potentially precarious position. The film’s clash with Shah Rukh Khan’s “Dunki” is cited as one contributing factor to the abrupt deceleration in its box office momentum.

The movie’s total earnings and performance from hereon will be crucial in determining its trajectory, especially considering the heightened expectations surrounding Prabhas’ collaboration with director Prashanth Neel. As the film steps into a post-holiday phase and faces the realities of regular workdays, the box office dynamics are presenting a challenging scenario.

It remains to be seen how “Salaar” navigates this phase and whether it can recover its momentum or if the drop in numbers becomes a lasting trend. The coming days will be crucial in gauging the film’s overall performance and its standing in the competitive cinematic landscape.