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Sania Mirza slams Pakistani actress Veena Malik's claim of taking her son to Hookah bar Hindi Movie News



Ace Indian Tennis player Sania Mirza took her Twitter handle to slam Pakistani actress Veena Malik who extended the ongoing criticism of Pakistan cricket team to her son . Sania, who is married to Pakistani all-rounder Shoaib Malik was seen in a video which surfaced online, along with her husband and friends a restaurant at the time spent together

Fans of Pakistan claimed that the video was shot at night only hours before the team was scheduled to play against India in the ongoing world cup tournament. Pak lost the match against India

Veena, reacting to the now deleted video, questioned Sania's parenting The actress tweeted, "Sania, I am really so worried for the kid. You guys take him to a Sheesha place is not it hazardous? "

Reacting to Veena's claim, Sania tweeted, "Veena, I have not taken my kid to a Sheesha place. Not that it's any of your business or the rest of the world's business. any else does 🙂 secondly i am not Pakistan cricket team's dietician nor am i their mother or principal or teacher "

Veena was reacting to Sania's original tweet against the person who shared the video. Sania had tweeted against the video saying, "That's the video you shot without asking us, disrespecting our privacy, even though we have a child with us?" And this is done to get off, and this crap with you? FYI 'outing' had dinner and yes ppl are allowed to eat if they lose a match! Bunch of fools! Try better content nxt time. "

Sania's husband and cricket Shoaib Malik also came in defense of the team and clarified that the video was os some other day. Shoaib tweeted, "When will Pakistan media be accountable for their credibility by our courts?" Having served my country for + 20 years in Intl Cricket, it's sad that I have to clarify things related to my personal life.The videos are from 13th June and not 15th. "