Home Entertainment Scarlett Johansson reveals she didn’t know the Black Widow trailer was out.

Scarlett Johansson reveals she didn’t know the Black Widow trailer was out.


Every Marvel fan knows that Marvel Studios has always been very secretive about releasing its content and likes keeping everything under tight wrap, even from its stars. During her recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Scarlett Johansson, who plays the role of Black Widow revealed that she was not told about the plan of releasing the trailer of her upcoming Marvel film. The trailer of Black Widow, featuring Scarlett in the lead role, was dropped by Marvel and the actress got to know about it from her Avengers co-star Chris Evans.

“Nobody told me that it was coming out! I actually woke up and I got a text message from Chris Evans, and he was like, ‘The trailer looks great!'” she told Stephen, host of the show. She further added that she was as excited about the trailer as everybody else. Commenting on the fact that Marvel kept the particular information undisclosed from her, the actress joked, “They didn’t even tell me. Yeah, they keep everything from me.”

The much-awaited trailer of Black Widow stand-alone film, which is scheduled to release on April 30, 2020, was finally dropped and needless to say it was very well received by the audience. On the show, Johansson revealed that contrary to what people think, the upcoming film is not the story of origin but about how Natasha Romanoff became the Black Widow. It is a homecoming story that follows Natasha back to where her superhero story began and tries to tighten the loose ends. It takes place somewhere between after Civil War and Infinity War.