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Small get-togethers are the new normal : Means Malhotra

Means Malhotra

 Worldwide corona pandemic has put a full stop to all the huge social   gatherings and parties therefore small gatherings has become the new   normal. Means Malhotra who celebrated her birthday on 1st August says   that even though she wasn’t able to throw a huge party for all her friends,   family and colleagues like last year she enjoyed her birthday as she was   with her favourite people.

Means took a road trip to Jaipur with her friends and they celebrated her birthday at Trident resort. They enjoyed their 2 day stay at the resort even though they were only allowed to have room party due to corona. Means thanked her friend Shweta Bobal for organising this beautiful get-together .

However this was not the only party Means got she tells us that a suprise room party was planned for her before her birthday at hotel Palm Springs. A few more get-togethers were planned for her after she returned from Jaipur by her friends Isha Wadhwa and Sonam.

Means says that she enjoyed every get-together and party her friends planned for her as it showed their love. She believes herself lucky to be surrounded with such amazing people.