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Social service has become more important during the global pandemic says Pankaj Chadha.



Pankaj Chadha is a young and successful entrepreneur having expertise in the field of Training and Operations delivery for various domains like Telecom, E-commerce, Banking, DTH, Finance and Insurance sectors. Pankaj has work experience of more than 16 years in the business at a young age of 35 years.

Pankaj is the owner of D-ZIRE MANAGEMENT & INFRA which is a leading event management and real estate company with excellent skills of customer satisfaction and world class services to provide end to end business solution to every client.

Pankaj is also very active social worker and has achieved various recognition at social platforms from different institutions and NGO’s. He loves to help people and serve the needy. He also participates in all major social functions of Indian society. Parallely Pankaj is associated with Bhartiya janta Party too.

Pankaj’s social work has increased after the national lockdown due to Covid 19. Although the global pandemic has affected everyone’s lives badly but the ones who are affected the most are poor people who are left we no roof to cover their heads and no food to eat hence Pankaj believes that during such time it’s the moral responsibility of the ones who are privileged to take care of those who are not privileged enough, and only then we will be able to survive this situation. Apart from his social work Pankaj is doing yoga to keep his body and mind fit.