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SRK’s “Dunki” Faces Disappointing Opening at Box Office, Lowest in 2023


In a surprising turn of events for Shah Rukh Khan’s cinematic endeavors, his latest movie, “Dunki,” experienced a lackluster opening at the box office, marking it as his lowest-earning film of 2023. On its opening day, the movie managed to collect around 30 crore, a figure significantly lower than the star’s usual box office standards.

“Dunki,” which hit theaters with much anticipation, failed to match the opening day success seen in Shah Rukh Khan’s previous releases this year. The underwhelming performance has raised eyebrows among industry insiders and fans alike, considering SRK’s typically strong presence at the box office.

Compounding the challenge for “Dunki” is the concurrent release of Prashanth Neel’s action epic, “Salaar,” on the same day. The release of such a high-profile film is anticipated to further impact the collections of “Dunki,” posing an additional hurdle for the movie to overcome.

While the exact impact of “Salaar” on “Dunki” remains to be seen, the initial figures suggest a tough road ahead for Shah Rukh Khan’s latest project. Industry analysts are closely monitoring the box office numbers as the weekend progresses, eager to gauge the audience response and the potential trajectory for both films in the coming days.

As fans and critics await further updates on the box office performance of “Dunki” and the clash with “Salaar,” the competition between these two films adds an intriguing element to the Bollywood landscape. Stay tuned for more insights into how SRK’s “Dunki” navigates the competitive cinema space in the days to come.