Home Entertainment Suspect Identified in Shooting Incident Outside Salman Khan’s Mumbai Residence

Suspect Identified in Shooting Incident Outside Salman Khan’s Mumbai Residence


In a recent incident outside the Bandra home of Bollywood icon Salman Khan, shots were fired, sparking concerns and investigations into the perpetrators. Among the suspects involved in the alarming event is Vishal, also known as Kalu, who has been linked to the notorious Lawrence Bishnoi gang.

Suspect Identified in Shooting Incident Outside Salman Khan's Mumbai Residence

CCTV footage captured the moment when two individuals on a motorcycle unleashed gunfire outside Galaxy Apartments, where Salman Khan resides. Vishal, with ties to the criminal underworld, emerged as one of the key figures in the investigation.

Vishal’s background reveals a troubling history, marked by involvement in criminal activities. Initially arrested in 2020 for a case related to motorbike theft, he found himself behind bars in Tihar jail in Delhi. Hailing from Gurugram, Vishal’s presence in Mumbai during the shooting incident raises questions about his motives and connections.

Authorities are intensifying efforts to apprehend Vishal and any accomplices involved in the brazen attack. The incident not only poses a threat to the safety of Salman Khan and his household but also underscores the persistent challenges of criminal activity within the city.

As investigations unfold, the identification of Vishal as one of the suspects sheds light on the complexities of law enforcement in combating organized crime. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for vigilance and swift action to ensure the security of public figures and residents alike in Mumbai.