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There should be some more connective tissue between Hollywood and Bollywood: Dwayne Johnson


Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson is looking forward to the release of his action comedy, Red Notice. The film also stars Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds in lead roles. In a recent interview while talking about the film, his experience of producing it Dwayne also talked about his desire of working in a Bollywood film.

Netflix unveiled the trailer of Red Notice on October 21 which looks promising. Talking about what he loved about the film, Johnson said, “I like the originality of the story. There’s a surprise in the movie that really caught my attention. My criteria for selecting films these days are asking two questions – am I going to love making the movie and are the people going to love the movie? Red Notice checked those boxes.”

Dwayne and Ryan Reynolds have known each other for around 20 years and have great chemistry. While talking about producing Red Notice, which is Netflix’s biggest film to date, Dwayne said, “As a producer, you shoulder up with the studio and other producers. We didn’t set out to make the biggest movie in Netflix history, but here we are. What we can do is deliver a great movie. When we talk about pressure, I will take that on because I have confidence in the people.”

Dwayne further expressed his desire to do a Bollywood film. He said, “I would love that. I’ve always said that. I would love to figure out whatever the pathway is. I’ve felt there should be some more connective tissue between Hollywood and Bollywood. Especially when so many of our releases are not just theatrical, but they are on streaming platforms as well, where there’s so much more opportunity. There has to be a way to converge.”

The Rock talked about his connection with India too. “There were a couple of tours in which we were planning to go to India during my professional wrestling days, but it fell through for whatever reason. I was looking forward to that because my friends – The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin – would come back from India and say you must go there because we had the greatest time and the crowd was crazy,” he concludes.