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Tragic Death of Noor Malabika Das: Family Attributes Suicide to Career Dissatisfaction and Depression


The untimely demise of Noor Malabika Das, known for her roles in various projects including “The Trial” alongside Kajol, has sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry. Found dead in her Mumbai residence, her family members have opened up about her battle with depression and disillusionment with her career in acting.noor das suicide

Hailing from Karimganj town in Assam, Noor had relocated to Mumbai with aspirations of making it big in the film industry. However, her aunt Arati Das revealed that despite her relentless efforts, Noor felt unfulfilled with her professional achievements, possibly leading to her tragic decision.

The discovery of Noor’s decomposed body in her Lokhandwala apartment came after neighbors reported a foul odor, prompting suspicions of suicide. Despite efforts to reach her family, there was no response, necessitating the police, assisted by the Mamdani Health and Education Trust NGO, to perform her last rites.

Before venturing into acting, Noor had worked as an airhostess. She appeared in several projects, including “Walkaman,” “Siskiyaan,” and “The Trial.” However, despite her on-screen endeavors, Noor’s inner struggles seem to have overwhelmed her, culminating in her heartbreaking demise.