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Wrestler Ravi Kumar Dahiya got bitten by Kazakh opponent Nurislam Sanayev: Virender Sehwag reacts


Indian wrestler Ravi Kumar Dahiya made entire country proud as he secure a medal for India on 4th August after winning the semifinal of the 57kg weight class. Dahiya defeated Kazakh opponent Nurislam Sanayev to secure a medal.

However now new pictures have emerged showing that the win was far more difficult than what it seemed. The pictures show Sanayev indulged in a pretty rough method of playing the sport. Dahiya was bitten by Sanayev on his biceps and still managed to win the match.

Sanayev is a two-time world wrestling championship medalist and reigning Asian champion.

International wrestling governing body, United World Wresting (UWW) released their statement saying the bite action was prohibited, but unintentional. “It was concluded that the action taken was an unintentional reaction. Based on the discussion and review of the incident no disciplinary action will be taken based on the conclusion of the incident” UWW said.

According to the rules enforced by the UWW, wrestlers are forbidden to pull the hair, ears, genitals, pinch the skin, bite, twist fingers or toes of their opponents.

The incident induced some anger among the supporters of Dahiya including former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag. Sehwag shared a series of pictures that showed the Kazakh player biting Dahiya’s arm while the two were trying to take the other player down on the mat, “How unfair is this, couldn’t hit our Ravi Dahiya’s spirit, so bit his hand. Disgraceful Kazakh loser Nurislam Sanayev. Ghazab Ravi, bahut seena chaunda kiya aapne (Well done Ravi, you have made us proud),” he captioned the post.