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Never Ending Travel Mumbai,Bangkok & Banaras..!!!


Bollywood Couple Nivaan Sen and Neelu Mahadur Sen are now a days busy with their
Upcoming Film’s preproduction and Traveling
all the way Mumbai to Bangkok to Banaras.
We know Nivaan for his Superhit Television Shows like Ghum hain kisi ke Pyar Main, Do Hanso Ka Joda, Kahani Ghar Ghar ki, Khote Sikke, Pyar Ka Dard Hain Meetha Meetha Payara Pyaraa etc.
Neelu and Nivaan both visited Banaras after a long time, especially Neelu.
We did Candid chat with them regarding their
Film,life, and Traveling.

Q. After how long you visited Banaras Neelu and how you are feeling.

A. She smiled and said,’ After marriage, it’s my third time visit to Banaras,
Banaras has changed a lot commercially, infrastructure wise, if we talk about tourism
It’s full of tourists, too much hustle and bustle.

Q. What foods do you love in Banaras most.

A. I love Chat, Golgappe, Lassi, there are so many street foods i love, Neelu says,
I love Puri Kachori and Jalebi specially in the
morning, said Nivaan.

Q. You visited any temples.

A. Yes, we went to Baba Vishwanath mandir,
Sankat mochan and many others too,
I have plenty of childhood memories of sankat mochan mandir,
We used to bunk our classes in school days
and go to Sankat mochan mandir and buy
Sweets from there, the taste of sweets are
Immortal Nivaan smiled.

Q. What about you Film’s preproduction.

A. Well, We’re in the process of meeting & other pre-production works, we are working
hard in each aspect of the film, including all the departments.

Q. Is Urban Boat Films making any other
Projects too apart of this film.

A. Yes, of course, our Production Urban Boat Films is working on other projects too apart of this project.

Q. What would be the subject of the film if
You could share with us.

A. Our film is a contemporary drama fiction film including all the emotions and laughs
full of life downfall and Victory.

Q. We know your family stays in Banaras
and Neelu, your in-laws, how you felt meeting
after a long time .

A. It’s always a reason of happiness for us
to visit Banaras and meet my family and
in laws, it’s really difficult to visit every month
because of hectic schedules, but whenever we come, we enjoy a lot, says Neelu.
Nivaan smiled and said ‘ i miss my family and my beloved Banaras a lot so whenever
I have time i try to visit.

It was a fabulous chat session with Neelu and Nivaan. Well, our best wishes with you guys.

Deep Arora.