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“Anxious Families Await News as 40 Laborers Trapped in Silkyara Tunnel Face Uncertain Fate”


The families of 13 workers from Jharkhand and four from Bihar are enduring sleepless nights, gripped by anxiety since receiving news of the collapse of the Silkyara tunnel on Sunday. Ravi Munda, 23, whose cousin and two friends are among the trapped laborers, expressed the somber reality, stating, “We had no Diwali celebrations this year, and it seems we are going to miss Chhath Puja as well.”

The distress isn’t confined to individual families but has cast a shadow over entire villages, leaving communities disturbed by the incident. Darshan Singh, a worker from Bihar, emphasized the magnitude of the emotional toll, saying, “The condition of the families of the trapped workers is more traumatic than our pain and anxiety. All our thoughts are with them.”

Despite the overwhelming concern, some workers are holding onto hope, expressing optimism that their comrades will be rescued soon, allowing their families to partake in the upcoming Chhath Puja without further anguish. As the rescue efforts continue, the fate of these trapped laborers remains uncertain, leaving their families in a state of perpetual worry and anticipation.