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PM Narendra Modi’s Historic Return to Ayodhya 32 Years After Temple Pledge


In a historic moment, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is poised to fulfill a solemn vow made 32 years ago as he returns to Ayodhya for the consecration ceremony of the Ram temple. The significance of this event traces back to January 14, 1992, when Modi, as part of a ‘yatra’ advocating for the integration of Kashmir with India, pledged to revisit Ayodhya only upon the completion of the revered Ram temple.

The vow, made during a period of heightened national sentiments, resonates with India’s historical journey, culminating in the abrogation of Article 370 in 2019, achieving the integration of Kashmir with the rest of the country. Now, as Prime Minister Modi prepares to lead the consecration ceremony, the occasion symbolizes the realization of a commitment made over three decades ago.

The return to Ayodhya holds profound cultural and religious significance, marking the fulfillment of a promise deeply embedded in India’s cultural and political narrative. Prime Minister Modi’s presence at the consecration ceremony underscores the government’s dedication to upholding the country’s rich heritage and fulfilling longstanding aspirations.

As the date approaches, the nation eagerly awaits this momentous occasion, celebrating the culmination of a pledge that intertwines the personal commitment of PM Narendra Modi with the broader historical context of India’s cultural and religious heritage.