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“Aadar Jain Declares Love for Alekha Advani in Instagram Post, Confirming Relationship Officially”


In a significant social media move, actor Aadar Jain has officially confirmed his relationship with Alekha Advani through a heartfelt Instagram post. The actor, who was previously dating Tara Sutaria, shared a sweet picture of himself and Alekha holding hands, tagging her as the ‘light of his life’ in the caption. This public declaration comes after Aadar and Tara recently parted ways.

The confirmation of Aadar and Alekha’s relationship gained momentum when they were spotted together at Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s Diwali celebration. Walking hand in hand, the couple exuded joy and style, with Aadar donning a short black kurta and white pyjama, while Alekha opted for a shimmery cream co-ord set paired with a choker necklace and matching heels.

Alekha Advani, too, has made headlines due to an unearthed Instagram Story from the past. In a throwback post circulating on Reddit, Alekha shared a selfie with Aadar and Tara from the time when Aadar was still dating Tara Sutaria. In the caption, she humorously referred to herself as ‘always the third wheel.’

Aadar Jain’s new Instagram post not only confirms his current romantic connection but also marks a new chapter for the actor in the public eye. Meanwhile, Tara Sutaria and Aadar Jain, who officially announced their relationship in 2020 after years of dating, have taken different paths. Aadar’s heartfelt declaration on Instagram has sparked interest and garnered attention from fans, making it a noteworthy moment in the unfolding love stories of Bollywood.