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Lock Upp: Jailor Karan Kundrra evicts Zeeshan Khan after physical fight with Azma Fallah, fans remain divided

After Zeeshan Khan violated the rules and fought with Azma Fallah physically, jailor Karan Kundrra evicted him from Lock Upp.


Fans were glued to the Lock Upp live stream well past midnight as jailor Karan Kundrra made a surprise appearance.

He didn’t go to the jail to complete a task, but to perform a shocking eviction.

Following Zeeshan Khan’s physical fight with Azma Fallah the day before, Karan appeared on the show to make him deal with the consequences for breaking the show’s rules.

Karan locked-out Zeeshan from the reality show after punishing him for his actions. Zeeshan was also kicked out from Bigg Boss OTT after pushing fellow contestant Pratik Sehajpal.

For those who are unaware, Azma got into a fight with Zeeshan after the daily task on Monday (18 April’s) episode. He became enraged as she began to tease him.

He lifted her trunk & threw that on the jail’s terrace in a fit of rage. Azma was so taken aback by his actions that she dumped his protein powder on his bed. As their brawl became more acrimonious, other housemates joined in.

With everyone against her, Azma had to rely on Payal Rohatgi and Shivam Sharma for support. Zeeshan later pushed Azma and even hit her in the face with a broom.

Zeeshan also yanked her hair out of the towel and pressed it against her face. He threw her personal items, including her medicines and underwear, on the roof, leaving her in all tears.

When Karan Kundrra arrived at the jail next day, he stated that Azma Fallah was to blame, but claimed that Zeeshan Khan had crossed all lines.

He warned the contestants that his actions could land him in legal trouble. While watching clips of the fight, Karan became enraged and said he would have broken Zeeshan’s legs for his actions.

“Do you treat a woman like that?” he grunted at Zeeshan, who attempted to justify his actions. The jailor ended up asking Zeeshan to quit the show after a lengthy discussion.