Home Entertainment “Arjun Kapoor Addresses Height Debate Following Photos with David Beckham”

“Arjun Kapoor Addresses Height Debate Following Photos with David Beckham”


Arjun Kapoor found himself at the center of an online debate recently when he shared pictures from a party hosted by his cousin, actress Sonam Kapoor, in honor of former footballer David Beckham. The actor, accompanied by Malaika Arora, sported a coordinated black outfit with Beckham, sparking discussions on social media.

Despite the camaraderie captured in the photos, some eagle-eyed social media users observed a perceived height difference between Arjun and David. Trolls flooded the comments section, citing internet sources claiming Arjun’s shorter stature compared to Beckham’s listed height.

Comments like, “Beckham is 183 cm & Arjun Kapoor is 178 cm, then how Arjun is looking taller than Beck?” and “Par David Beckham ki Height toh Arjun Kapoor se lambi hai…photo edit ki adat kabhi khatam nahi hogi kapoors ki,” fueled the debate. A meme page even joined in, questioning Arjun’s height.

Arjun decided to address the speculation by commenting on the meme page’s post, stating, “I’m actually 183 cms, that’s slightly over 6 feet, so let’s not believe everything that we read.”

The incident sheds light on the scrutiny celebrities face, even regarding seemingly trivial aspects, and how they sometimes find themselves compelled to clarify misconceptions on social media.