Home Entertainment “Bharat Ram-Ram” is JST Films’ gift to the country.

“Bharat Ram-Ram” is JST Films’ gift to the country.


Today, the entire country is immersed in the divine color of Lord Rama, and even in the storm of this saffron fervor, people are lighting lamps in their homes, celebrating the joy of Lord Rama’s arrival. In many cities, replicas of the Rama temple have been prepared, allowing those who cannot visit Ayodhya to witness the grandeur in their own cities. In Mumbai, a replica of the Rama temple has been crafted near the Oshiwara Metro Station at Mhada Ground. The Nanaji Deshmukh Foundation organized various cultural programs, including the distribution of Prasad and clothing to the needy, commemorating the construction of the Rama temple. Highlighting the struggles behind the construction of the Rama temple, JST Films released a song named “Bharat Ram-Ram Gayega” on their official YouTube channel today. Sung by Anurag Maurya with lyrics by Sahil Sultanpuri and composed by Vishu Yadav, the song was programmed by Emon Goswami. The music video features Actor Neel Siwal, blending his expressions harmoniously with Anurag in a spirited performance. The song was released in the presence of thousands of people, creating a wave of love from the audience towards the depiction of the Rama temple. Anurag Maurya and Neel Siwal, through their live performance, infused an incredible enthusiasm among the audience, making them dance to the beats. Thousands are flocking here every hour for a glimpse of the temple. The successful coordination of the event is credited to the main organizer Sanjay Pandey and his assistant Raj Yadav. Raj Yadav unveiled the poster with lotus petals, symbolizing the release of the song, which was praised by the present audience.
On this occasion, all the team members, including director Jitendra Singh Tanwar, singer Anurag Maurya, actor Neel Sival, lyricist Sahil Sultanpuri, composer Vidhu Yadav, and programmer Imaan Goswami, were present.