Home Entertainment “Bigg Boss 17 Buzz: Ankita Lokhande’s Dramatic Journey Raises Pregnancy Speculations”

“Bigg Boss 17 Buzz: Ankita Lokhande’s Dramatic Journey Raises Pregnancy Speculations”


In the latest developments within the Bigg Boss 17 house, Ankita Lokhande’s turbulent experience has become the focal point of discussions among fans and viewers. Accusing her husband, Vicky Jain, of lacking support, Ankita’s journey from a grand entrance filled with shaadi drama to her recent revelation has left everyone intrigued.

Amidst mood swings and unusual behavior, Ankita disclosed her desire to undergo a pregnancy test, citing a missed period and heightened food cravings. This revelation has sparked anticipation among fans, eagerly awaiting the Pavitra Rishta actress’s pregnancy report. Some fans are even urging her to stay in the Bigg Boss house, viewing it as an opportunity to set an example that pregnancy shouldn’t hinder a woman’s participation in the show.

The latest promo reveals Salman Khan taking on a guiding role for Ankita, advising her to focus on her own game while Vicky plays his. The crucial question arises – will Ankita decide to stay or leave the house? This scenario is unprecedented in the history of Bigg Boss, marking the first instance of a contestant undergoing a pregnancy test within the confines of the reality show. Additionally, if Ankita is indeed pregnant, it would require Bigg Boss to reconsider and potentially modify contractual clauses.

Adding a twist to the narrative, Bigg Boss OTT 2 contestant Falaq Naaz has accused Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain of being fake players who have mastered the game. This claim adds an intriguing layer to the unfolding drama, leaving viewers curious about the authenticity of Ankita and Vicky’s actions in the house.

As fans eagerly await Ankita Lokhande’s pregnancy test results and the subsequent decision she makes, the Bigg Boss 17 storyline continues to unfold with unexpected twists and turns. The suspense surrounding Ankita’s future in the house adds an unprecedented element to this season, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.